Women play a vital role to accelerate the country's holistic development

On Friday, 30th August 2019, women representatives from across the country participated to the National Women’s Council General Assembly that took place at the Parliament hall / Chamber of Deputies. The annual general assembly brought together more than 200 delegates to take stock of the achievements recorded by the National Women’s Council and set new goals.

“The achievements recorded by the National Women's Council is a great sign that women play a vital role to accelerate the country's holistic development & family promotion in particular”, said Amb. Soline Nyirahabimana, the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion while officiating the General Assembly.

The Minister urged women to put their efforts together and be the engine to achieve more and contribute in finding solutions to issues that hinder the Rwandan Society since they [women] make the majority of the world and Rwanda’s population in particular.

“Don’t you think that we can fight malnutrition and chronic stunting if we put our efforts together? Don’t we all benefit from practicing hygiene and sanitation? Don’t we have the potential to address other human security issues that affect the family welfare?’ –Amb. Soline Nyirahabimana challenged women.

The General Assembly preceded by an “Inkera y’Imihigo” which took place on Thursday, 29th August 2019 to sign “Mutimawurugo Performance Contract”. The signing ceremony was witnessed by the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion, Amb. Soline Nyirahabimana and National Women’s Council President Dr. Bayisenge Jeannette.

The Performance contracts will focus on having a “Mutimawurugo Model Village” that will empower women on Digital Literacy through ICT groups, working with micro finance institutions, banks, SACCO. The Model Village that will be at sector level will also sensitize women/Girls on TVET, hygiene & sanitation within households.

Mutimawurugo performance contract for 2019/2020 Fiscal year; will be evaluated based on how they positively impacted the family, especially their impact on women and children in particular as per the Government 7 year program known as NST1 particularly its 3 pillars which include different programs that aim at promoting the family: socio-economic and good governance.